Ebb and Flow: Expansion & Contraction

The Art of Healing, Breathing, and just plain ol’ life.

So, I want to say a little about cycles.  For me, I am most present to them when I am in a dark, contract space of healing.  The space where you wonder how you managed to land back at square one.  The space where you think that all of your hard work and growth was for not. The space where you don’t think you can stand it another minute, it feels dark, alone, small, painful.  You ever been there?  Probably you have if you are over the age of 10.  

Fortunately, or unfortunately, I have been through enough of these times of contraction, times of ebb, to know (if I can get to a bit of an overview), that I am just about to pop to the next level.  The expansion and contraction of your breath, your heart, the ocean…well, that is how we heal.   You can’t just take a pie slice out that needs healing, you need to adjust to a new normal.  So, we pop to that next level of higher vibration, of clarity, of health, of…well, expansion, and viola’ that is our new normal.  We feel AWESOME, if nothing else, for being out of that dark, contracted space.  But also, we know on some level our souls have won another battle, another leveling up of our spiritual journey.

But what can you do for yourself in that space right before the dawn, so to speak.  Ground, my friends. Get to the ocean. Get in nature.  Nature is one of the surest ways of reminding us of who we are…souls in this body, not the other way around.  Nature has a way of reminding us of what is important.

Reach for gratitude.  This is harder than hell when you are there,but get a notebook or make notes on your phone and look for things to be grateful for.  Even if the best you can do is “I am grateful to be breathing.”  “I am grateful for the flower.”  “I am grateful for my toilet.”  “I am grateful for my refrigerator.”  It sounds funny, but you will experience a change of chemistry if you can start to have the tiniest bit of gratitude.  I keep a spreadsheet of good things that have happened.  When I am in contraction, I can pull that up and look at all of the wonderful things that have happened for me.

Exercise is a marvelous way to move the clearings through faster.  It also releases some lovely brain chemicals that help everything!  Remembering that these are normally clearing phases help too!

Reiki, sound healing, and breath work are great ways to process faster, with more ease and grace.  Let’s face it, these times of lessons and clearings can be awkward as hell, and not very pretty!

From someone who has been through the wash and dryer cycles for decades now, I can assure you it will get better.  That being said, if you suspect you are deeply depressed, please seek professional help.

With love, 

 – Kelle Evans
Master Energy Practitioner, Healing Practitioner, Life Coach, and Wise Woman Elder


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