Quantum Energetic Disciplines



Quantum Energetic Disciplines™ (QED) is an advanced form of energy medicine developed by master spiritual teacher Jo Dunning.

The universe led me to this astounding body of work when I had reached a plateau in my self-healing. 20 years of counseling, which was tremendously helpful, had reached its limit. I asked my higher self for deeper, more rapid healing and within a month I was casually included in an offer for energy work. A lovely woman was completing her Practicum, and needed some Guinea pigs! The experience was PROFOUND. I knew I had to have it! I began training and continued through all the training that was available.

I have worked with these incredible energy clearing processes for 15+ years. They have helped me and my clients move quickly and gently through stuckness, pain (mental, physical and spiritual) and through hardships. This body of energy work enables transformation "with ease and grace." This leads to a more fulfilling, balanced life thus creating more potential to achieve your dreams, and add more richness in your life. QED also offers greatly accelerated spiritual growth. Its results are often rapid and seemingly miraculous.


My certifications in these Energy Techniques Include:


• Advanced Pulse Technique ©

The Advanced Pulse© is the most powerful and versatile of all the techniques and is able to resolve many life issues in a very rapid and laser-like manner.


• Quick Pulse Technique©

Pulse Technique helps you easily clear or change specific things that you would like to be different in your life. This technique is very effective in working with fears, phobias, physical issues and traumas. It can also clear limiting beliefs, unwanted personality traits, abundance issues and most anything you would like to shift.


• Rolodex ©

This is a broad form of energy that clears a variety of items under one topic. It works on all aspects of an issue, like a general overall clearing.


• Surrogate Technique ©

The Surrogate Technique gives me the ability to do QED work on animals, young children or someone who is unconscious and who would be unable to participate in a session.


• Energy Clearing & Balancing

This is a process that clears, repairs and balances the energy centers in the body. When the energy centers are in balance, we feel a more balanced flow of energy on all levels. The result is improved focus, enhanced inner peace, harmony and healing. All of these processes can be done remotely or in small groups, in addition to individual sessions.