Intuitive Quantum Energy Field Mastery



Energy Field Mastery is a lovely, wonderfully effective set of tools. I weave them together depending on the individual client's need for healing, clearing, and/or raising of energetic vibration to bring more light into their energy field. This modality is gentle, fun and playful, yet I find it yields powerful results.

During the session we work together with these tools, so that you can experience immediate changes. 

Grounding & Connecting – A critical step of self-mastery is to learn to first ground your energy field to mother earth. And then, once grounded, to connect with Source. This anchored vertical connection leverages these two powerfully benevolent allies, offering the client a noticeably more stable, coherent daily existence.

Energy Orb Creation – Learn to create and maintain your own personal energetic space. Claim your energetic sovereignty, and learn to play with your energy orb in order to increase the strength and vibratory frequency of your energetic field.

Energy Field Clearing – Clear conscious or unconscious energetic ties that are currently held within your field. Old energetic ties no longer serve us as they perhaps once did; when that is the case they function to hold us back, slow us down and interfere with our own divine guidance. Clearance of these energetic ties results in new feelings of freedom and possibility.

Intentional Manifesting – Once you have cleared out what you don't want, we can now bring in what you DO want. Want to take charge of your life? Reinvent yourself? These Energy Mastery Tools will help you do just that. I work with these tools daily for myself and others, to continue to open to increased abundance and life force.