Creative Life Sciences


Creative Life Sciences (CLS) is a multidisciplinary dynamic body of work. Designed to assist clients in many areas of difficulty, CLS helps manifest a better, healthier life. Using a combination of techniques, I am able to reset and restore the aura, the chakras and nervous system. Creative Life Sciences can profoundly improve functioning in the day-to-day world.


GroundingI can assist in grounding energies, which allows for more clarity and a more balanced approach to life. Because our nervous systems usually don't get the opportunity to reset themselves as they once did through being barefoot in nature, and away from busy life everyone can benefit from more vigorous grounding protocols.


Chakra Clearing and Balancing – This technique can relieve a myriad of problems including pain and emotional issues. This promotes a more cohesive forward movement though life.


Energy Field Protection – Creative Life Sciences offers a unique, accelerated protection protocol to help clients more comfortably navigate difficult periods in life.


Energy Manipulation –The presence of congested energy in one's energetic field is unhealthy and undesirable. Through CLS, I am able to remove congested energy from the client's energy field. Further, I am able to fortify one's field if it is in need of additional chi or energy. All of these energy healing tools are designed to bring about rapid and effective energy shifts. Thusly leading to a more healthy and robust experience of life.