Integrative Core Shamanism


What is Shamanism?

Shamanism is an ancient form of spiritual healing dating back some 30,000 years. It can be found on most continents, and throughout many cultures. The techniques are amazingly similar all across the planet, and their great power remains just as relevant today.

A shaman is said to be someone who seeks to be in a relationship with the spirit of all things, and I have found this to be true in my own experience. While all my prior training and research has gifted me with huge growth, healing and spiritual gifts - this Shamanic work has profoundly reconnected me to our essence. Because of this vibrant connection with nature and source, I find that I am able to guide client sessions in anewway.


How is Shamanism Used in aSession?

Many people resonate with the nature-based Shamanic way of healing. So much so, that they sometimes discover that a simple reconnection with the natural environmentisenough to shift the presence of congested energy.

While all the types of energy work I offer are powerful; I have been told that Shamanic work is the most powerful field of study of all the healing modalities. This is because the healing practitioner must first do the deep, shadow work for themselves, in order to be able to offer its amazingly transformative gifts to clients.

I employ many aspects of the Shamanic healing world, including working with the Gateways; calling the directions. Compassionate Helping Spirits, the Medicine Wheel, Fire Ceremonies, and the sacred practice of Journeying to aid in my healing practice.  Journeying is an alternative way for an individual to receive messages or guidance from their higher self or their guides. It is different from meditation because it allows for a deeper and more powerful experience.

I find that with Journeying, I can access higher, divine realms for guidance, for messages and for deeper connection. Journeying, along with sacred ceremonies, connect us more fully with our environment, our inner source and divine guidance in a way that speaks to our deeper selves, our natural selves. All aspects of the Shamanic way can reconnect us with parts of ourselves that we have lost, in order to create a more vibrant and more fully present NOW. This is called Soul Retrieval or Psyche Retrieval. A (W)holistic way of being is what I seek to facilitate for all of my clients.