Crystal Healing



Since the beginning of time crystals, gems and minerals have been used to heal or influence one’s nature or life. Gemstones have been a part of healing, sacred ceremonial life, and worship for eons. Having grown up as a Geophysist’s daughter, I have had a loving relationship with “rocks” all of my life.

Just like everything in this universe; crystals/gems/minerals are made up of energy, however dense, just as we are. However, each of them carry unique attributes. Whether we are looking for clearing, balancing, energizing or just peace, there are as many crystals to come to the rescue as opportunities for healing.

The beautiful thing about crystals is that they are programmable, meaning I can infuse the crystals I use with healing energy. This exponentially increases their efficacy. Using my intuitive guidance to know which energy-enhanced crystals, gems and minerals are right for you; clearing chakras, healing the auric field, removing negative energies, energizing your field and the all important grounding can be readily accomplished.

Not only that, I can send you home with your own to continue your Home Healing!