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Sound Healing


"The body is held together by sound—the presence of disease indicates that some sounds have gone out of tune." ~ Dr. Deepak Chopra.

I believe the ancient art of Sound Healing will play a huge role in the future of healing practices. We are all vibratory beings, and each one of us has an energy field, which can often benefit from a "tune-up!" Sound Healing is so powerful, so potent, as it works to quickly ease a great many maladies and correct imbalances in our energetic fields.

Sound Healing uses various instruments: brass or crystal singing bowls, chanting, bells, toning, tuning forks, vibratory sounds and even the human voice can all bring powerful healing. Even today western medicine uses sound to heal with Ultrasound, and plenty more areas of vibrational healing are currently being explored.

Sound healing is doubly relevant these days, as we immerse ourselves in oceans of EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies). Think Wi-Fi, TV's, computers, cell-phones and remote everythings! Our energy fields, our chakras and our meridians are influenced by the constant bombardment of these frequencies. Human bodies used to receive natural electro-magnetic corrections and nourishment when we all spent more time barefoot in nature. But thanks to pavement and shoes, that is no longer the case! Sound Healing restores the balance that is lost through living modern life.

I combine Sound Healing with other modalities for supercharged effectiveness. Using Holy Fire Reiki, Shamanic visioning, or CLS (Creative Life Sciences), I am able to infuse my Sound Healing instruments with even greater vibratory healing abilities—to "tip the scale" for mind blowing efficacy! I work with toning, tuning forks, drums, rattles and singing bowls- all of which I infuse with sacred healing energies. These have been shown to create deep states of healing and relaxation, and they clear the congested energy that often shows up as dis-ease.

This lovely, subtle, yet life changing healing practice is delightfully relaxing and profoundly effective.




• Relieves stress, anxiety and depression

• Deep state of relaxation almost immediately

• Corrects imbalances in the energetic field (chakra & aura balancing)

• Balances your nervous system

• Stabilizes heart rate and blood pressure

• Relieves muscle tension and improves motor skills

• Improves brain functioning and mental clarity

• Endorphins, natural pain relievers increased

• Stress hormones are decreased

• Improves immune function

• Enhances memory and learning in children with learning disabilities

• Increases concentration

• Creates feelings of calmness

• Cognitive processes and language skills are enhanced

• Enhances creativity

• Brain hemisphere balancing

• Restoration of equilibrium in the endocrine system by vibrating the pituitary

• Induction of alpha brainwave activity or deeper meditation

• Increases energy through stimulation of the cerebrospinal fluid (possibly kundalini energy)

• Creates vitality synchronization and spontaneous healing

• Helps with insomnia, addiction, lack of focusing

• Space clearing