Valentine's Sale! 20% off Reiki-Infused Crystals, Jewelry, AND Healing Sessions! Until 2/14/24

Natural stones and crystals that have healing and spiritual properties. All the crystals we offer are cleansed and reiki infused to provide maximum healing benefits.
Ibis Jasper Freeform from $58.00
Sodalite Necklace & Point Pairing $68.00
Ready, Set, Learn Stone Set $10.00
Mercury Retrograde Crystal Set $10.00
Chakra Stone Set $15.00
Rainbow Fluorite Free Form $88.00
Tourminated Hematoid Quartz Flame $70.00
Flower Agate Heart Carving XL $88.00
Tourmilated Quartz Mini Sphere $35.00
Rainbow Amethyst Cluster $40.00
Labradorite Palm Stone $38.00
Onyx Abalone Turtle Carving $18.00
Amethyst Moon Cluster $48.00
Raw Epidote Cluster $20.00
Raw Dog Tooth Calcite Cluster $20.00
Raw Dog Tooth Calcite Cluster $24.00
Spectrolite XL Palm Stone $60.00
Labradorite Free Form $54.00
Raw Sodalite Freeform Extra Large $60.00
Raw Alacam Amethyst $30.00
Uruguayan Amethyst Cluster $40.00
AAA Selenite Slab $56.00
Raw Kunzite Blade $104.00
Raw Pink Halite on Trona $36.00
Raw Pink Halite Cluster Extra Large $160.00
Lapis Lazuli Free Form $66.00