Natural stones and crystals that have healing and spiritual properties. All the crystals we offer are cleansed and reiki infused to provide maximum healing benefits.
Chihuahua Trancas Geode (Multiple Available) from $31.00
Tombstone Fluorite (Multiple Available) from $33.00
Chlorite Included Raw Quartz $202.00
Smoky Quartz Cluster $58.00
Double Terminated Blue Rose Quartz $295.00
Zebra Calcite Freeform (Multiple Available) from $46.00
Black Moonstone Hearts (Multiple Available) from $40.00
Black Moonstone Freeform (Multiple Available) from $54.00
Obsidian Diamond $40.00
Gold Sheen Obsidian Diamond $40.00
Rainbow Obsidian Hearts (Multiple Available) from $53.00
Amethyst Freeform Clusters (Multiple Available) from $35.00
Amethyst Wands (Multiple Available) from $45.00
Celestite Eggs (Multiple Available) from $34.00
Celestite Freeform (Multiple Available) from $155.00
Ibis Jasper Freeform from $58.00
Sodalite Necklace & Point Pairing $68.00
Ready, Set, Learn Stone Set $10.00
Mercury Retrograde Crystal Set $10.00
Chakra Stone Set $15.00
Rainbow Fluorite Free Form $88.00
Tourminated Hematoid Quartz Flame $70.00
Flower Agate Heart Carving XL $88.00
Tourmilated Quartz Mini Sphere $35.00
Rainbow Amethyst Cluster $40.00
Labradorite Palm Stone $38.00
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