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Space Clearing


If we are all energy, then it stands to reason that our environments, like us, have a combination of positive and negative “vibes.” Energy is a bit like a ripple in a pond. If anger was present in a room or a house, for example, then it should be cleared and reset to a higher vibration. Even if there is an overall feeling of well being in an office space, home, room or yard; spaces tend to collect denser energies. All spaces should be cleared and reset to a higher vibration periodically. This is especially true if you are justmovingintoanewspace,someonehasbeenillorpassed,oriftherehasbeenanupsetlikedivorce. Clearing spaces is a function of reclaiming andresetting.

Perhaps you would like to clear and reset in order to draw in more love or abundance in your life. Perhaps you would like to create better grounding and protection. I use a combination of my extensive training and intuitive guidance in a very sacred, honoring and ceremonial to clear and reset. Space clearings can be done remotely or in person.