I am a Minister with the Universal Life Ministries. I became a Minister so that I could officiate a dear friend’s wedding and discovered that I really enjoyed creating a sacred commemoration of life’s rites of passages. Weddings, blessing ways, and Celebrations of Life are all momentous occasions that warrant a spiritual, reverent treatment.

Shamanic journeys, Fire ceremonies, Full Moon Ceremonies, Eclipse ceremonies, etc. are brilliant ways to mark an important occasion, or to mark an auspicious event. Most ceremonies are deeply meditative facilitated by a trained practitioner, and often the participants will receive direct messages from source, or “direct revelations.” Typically done with the aid of music, I prefer to use drums in my ceremonies. In my experience, drumming taps into our more primal selves, stripping away our filters and allowing us to develop our own intuition and methods for interpreting what is meant for our highest good. This all sets the stage for a powerful meditative experience with your soul guiding you toward your highest, best self.

Ceremonies can be co-created with clients and be done to celebrate birthdays, engagement parties, important astrological events or just wanting to connect more fully with your own guidance and that of your ancestors. This practice can be done in person or remotely.