Natural stones and crystals that have healing and spiritual properties. All the crystals we offer are cleansed and reiki infused to provide maximum healing benefits.
Raw Blue Kyanite $26.00
Labradorite Palm Stone $34.00
Half Polished Pyrite Palm Stone $25.00
Raw Green Smithsonite $34.00
Raw Pink Smithsonite $39.00
Skeletal Elestial Quartz Specimen $220.00
Clear Quartz Sphere $35.00
Rose Quartz Flame $48.00
Sodalite Sphere $66.00
Rainbow Agate Sphere $60.00
Mini Hematoid Quartz Sphere $36.00
Green Adventurine Tower $36.00
Pink Amethyst Tower $88.00
Pink Amethyst Tower $54.00
Pyrite and Quartz Free Form $50.00
Ocean Jasper Skull Carving $28.00
Rose Quartz Butterfly Carving $25.00
Rhodocrosite Free Form $61.00
Chrysoprase Palm Stone $20.00
Rhodonite Free Form $42.00
Raw Caribbean Calcite $50.00
Raw Purple Cubic Fluorite $34.00
Strawberry Quartz Flame $52.00
Black Opal Free Form $28.00
Lapis Lazuli Free Form $54.00
Raw Gemmy Celestite Cluster $80.00
Charoite Free Form $45.00
Raw Goddess Quartz $37.00
Mystery Box from $25.00
Intuitively Chosen Healing Crystal from $20.00