Be Like a Tree

Mind, Body, Spirit, Let’s heal them all.

Be Like a Tree. We will be exploring thing you can do to heal your own life; mind, body, and Spirit.  Today we start with this simple, yet elusive healing “opportunity”…grounding. Grounding is a necessity.  Grounding is an act of mindfulness.

We are electromagnetic beings.  10,000 years ago we were running through the forest barefoot exchanging EMF’s with our earth and this balanced and healed us.   Fast forward to today, we are wearing rubber-soled shoes, concrete everywhere, and we spend time indoors or in cars.  Additionally, we are bombarded with electrical current, Wi-Fi, cell phones, microwaves, and who know what else. 

With all of the things in modern day life that inhibit natural grounding, we impact our energetic field, which in turn can affect our body, our mental state, and of course, our energetic state. 

How can we assist our well-being and ground?  Here are just a few ways that are easy, and can be integrated into our daily life.

  1. Breathe. No, really breathe! This is something you can do anywhere!  As a result of our hectic lives and an overload of information and stimulus, we are perpetually in “flight, fight, or freeze”.  Among the many physiological things that happen to our bodies in this state, we breathe shallowly.   We tend to inflate only the first third of our lungs.  If we were breathing fully, our abdomens rise.  Just look at children and pets to see how we are supposed to be breathing.  Put your hand on your solar plexus, is your hand moving when you breathe?  If it isn’t, it should.  Make it so!  The fashion people who told us to “hold in your stomach” did us a disservice too. 

    There are many benefits to breathing fully aside from grounding.  You infuse your body and mind with more oxygen. We live in an oxygen depleted environment already, don’t deprive your body even more.  You will have more mental clarity and more physical aptitude. And don’t forget, cancer does not like oxygen!

  2. Get your bare feet on the earth! This is what our bodies are intended to do. Exchange electromagnetic energies with the earth! We are healed and balanced when we go barefoot.  15 minutes is ideal, but even a few will benefit you greatly. And why not breathe deeply while you are grounding???  There is a huge body of information under the heading of “Earthing”.

  3. Being in water is very grounding. Whether it is the shower, bath or ocean, this is a great way to ground. If you are in the bath, add Epsom salts or Himalayan salts. These minerals increase grounding (conductivity).  They will also help clear your auric field!  Being in/near the ocean will also benefit you in the form of negative ions.  Personally, I think they should change the name of these beneficial ions to “positive”, but it is, after all, about the charge. Negative ions create positive benefits. And while you there, why not breathe fully into your solar plexus?

  4. Crystals are a great way to ground. You can generally look for darker stones to be grounding like tourmaline, hematite, shungite, obsidian, Onyx, smoky quarts, lava, etc., but there are others too. Jaspers are good grounding.  Petrified wood is excellent.  Tiger’s Iron is good, as is Pyrite.  There are so many more.  The best way to get immediate results is to wear a grounding anklet or carry the stone(s) on your person.  This particular subject will be delved into more fully in the future.

  5. Flower essences are a marvelous vibrational healing approach to everything. We will be discussing these more fully in the future, but for now…grounding. Siberian Cedar is an outstanding grounding tincture.  Walnut helps ground you through transformative changes. Black Tourmaline flower essence works directly with the 1st chakra to help ground. Corn grounds you to the earth by re-establishing your connection.  Again, there are so many of these sweet vibrational helpers that we will continue to share these more fully as time goes on!

  6. Aromatherapy is another awesome way to help ground yourself. There are so many delightful fragrances that are available to help! Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Vetiver, Frankincense, Black Spruce, and Myrrh are very grounding, just to name a few… As with all things, organic is much healthier for you. Imagine going to all the trouble to obtain a grounding essence to then just inhale chemicals or toxins.  Aromatherapy is one of the most direct routes to the brain and the nervous system. We want to heal, not cause more damage.

 So, be like a tree.  Ground your roots deep and wide, while you reach for source. 

 – Kelle Evans
Master Energy Practitioner, Healing Practitioner, Life Coach, and Wise Woman Elder


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