Dragon Energy - The Divine Feminine

Lately dragon energy has been showing up SO much for me.  I was considering the other day what that means exactly, and I can’t describe it except to say I feel the energy, as a knowing.  They whisper to me of magic and miracles.  

I came into this life connected to all things mythical. Dragons, Unicorns, Pegasus, Fairies, Gnomes, Nymphs, Sprites, Wizards, Weather Witches, etc.  Perhaps all children do.  Later in childhood I became fascinated with Merlin, the Magician, King Arthur, the Lady of the Lake, and magical kingdoms.  The journey into adulthood, at least when I was making it, left little room for magic & miracles, and so this world where anything could happen was swept into the back recesses of my mind.

Fast forward, decades later, and through my person spiritual healing journey, this realm of possibility and potentiality…of magic, creeps forward in my awareness. I believe the veils of dimensionality are thinning and all things are becoming possible.  After all, all of that magic of our childhood had to have had some basis in reality.  Those concepts of our childhood are present in almost every culture in the world. In my mind, where this is smoke, there is fire.

So, back to Dragon energy.  The Dragon energy that I have become aware of in the past 6-12 months, is powerful.  It hearkens from a time when magicians and healers KNEW how to command energy to manifest & heal.  When we knew our symbiotic role here on this planet with all of the kingdoms; plant, spirit, elementals, and gaia herself.  When I tune into the way Dragon energy is being shown, strong word, more like slowly revealed to me, it leaves me almost breathless with awe.  The potentiality. The very essence of creation, magic, and power.

I perceive the dragon energy that I feel, and my colleagues speak of as the reawakening of Divine Feminine energy.  I have noticed that the energy itself is evolving in my awareness.…. Dragon energy seems to be up-leveling even higher with the promise of balancing the Divine Feminine and Masculine energies.  Truly the highest calling, in my mind.  The only way through this awakening of our spirit in the 3D is through love into balance.  We have become splintered, and therefore powerless enough.  This Dragon energy, this wisdom holds the promise of unity.  Of becoming more than the sum total of the parts…and beyond.

Invite your Dragon energy in. Allow her fire breath to burn the lower density energies from your mind, body, spirit in order to create room for the light of our divinity to more fully embody and guide us.  As my dear teacher, Jo Dunning, has said, “We are moving from homo-sapien to homo-luminious”. Allow your field to become a vessel of creator light and lead with your heart. 

Much love & magic,



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