Morganite Pendant

Morganite is a rare pink or peach beryl that is sometimes marketed as Pink Emerald.

Morganite is particularly useful for anyone who has suffered deep emotional trauma and/or grief. It lifts away any pain that is lingering inside and helps you to process heavy emotions and release them completely.  It also shows you how to dissolve any conscious or subconscious resistance you may have to your own emotional healing and growth.

Morganite is a wonderful love stone that can be used to attract our soulmates as well as to nurture existing relationships so that they are long-lasting, healthy, and happy.

Morganite connects you to all the great forces of love and goodness in the universe. It invites you to surrender to love and allow it to direct your course. Morganite teaches you that our strength is found in your tenderness and your courage is in your compassion.

Sterling Silver

Pendant: Approximately .75" Tall x .25" Wide, Chain:18", Weight: 0.2oz

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