"Even before I received a Holy Fire Karuna Reiki Treatment with Kelle, I knew I was destined to take the attunements/ignitions myself. The results, even after just that first treatment, have been frankly incredible.

First of all, I was able to release a huge pattern/belief that has been with me all my life about my talents and abilities as a musician - an an intuitive musician, rather than a professionally trained one, I always felt inadequate. Right after that first session the doubt cleared away and I began to take up and love learning music again, from the music theory end! And discovering that I am gifted there too :)  As a healer/singer, this was a major step, and a great gift. 

Then came the attunement class... the profound healings, shifts and changes that have come with this I could hardly begin to recount. It feels like my physical/emotional/mental/spiritual bodies have all been completely realigned with a new frequency that is totally committed to Love in all its highest forms - the initial journey of starting to clear away all that was not Love, was actually very intense for me, including some physical burnings (a short spell of fever) and realignments (random lower back shifts) which means that I now actually appear to stand taller, more in my Power and Presence - and Power here, the new energy tells me, is simply Love. Fully expressed.

The initial clearing took several weeks, with different levels of intensity throughout, but I feel I am on the other side now and everything is different. At one point, my old Guides were lifted out and away and the new Guides I had met in my Ignitions were ready to begin their new work with me, on all levels of being. I have had random Forgiveness pieces surface with people I have not thought about for years, and moments of such compassion and being called upon to share that energy, that it seems like I am living in another world - and in a sense I am. The Holy Fire and the Guides who work with that are with me all the time, and the guidance I receive is clear, distinct, practical and deeply loving - indeed, I had to clear a great deal of unworthiness in my heart to really allow this new Guidance in, which was huge in itself.

The energy is nurturing, holding, loving, compassionate and fearless - it creates a sense of security and peace within that feels like nothing else I have ever experienced. I am writing again - creating poems/songs, connecting with new creative, inspiring and nurturing souls who wish to help support me with my music, and am feeling held and deeply connected to Nature - some of us who experienced difficult or challenging Mothering find it hard to even dare to relax into the holding of Mother Earth, hard as that may be to believe....

The other piece is that I feel fully called to share the Reiki Grid Peace Meditations to support World Peace, and to share the Holy Fire ignitions and Holy Love experiences big time - and it is coming from a place inside me where I desire to support others to experience this magic in their lives, this potent force for good. But the proviso here is that from now on, first and foremost, I have been taught (a little roughly because I was stubborn!) to take awesome care of ME!!  That I have to come first if I am to be of good and wholesome support for others - that I have to flow from an overflowing cup, and all my doubts about being able to support myself financially have been cleared away - I just KNOW that everything is going to be fine, so there is no space for worry....and even when it creeps in, I notice it much quicker and can use this energy to clear it and reinforce my total FAITH that all is exactly in alignment.

I cannot thank Kelle enough for her support in this process - she is a beautiful soul - funny, deep, wise, compassionate, grounded and a great teacher, flowing with the energy of what is needed in any moment. I cannot recommend her or any of the healing modalities she offers, highly enough. And if you want to change your life for the better and discover your true path and open to your deepest wisdom, then take the Holy Fire ignitions with her. You won't regret it :)"~ SD