Basalt Towers (Multiple Available)

Basalt is a volcanic rock that embodies the elemental energies of fire and earth, making it a powerful conduit for grounding and stability.

Basalt is revered for its ability to absorb negative energies and promote emotional balance, allowing individuals to release pent-up stress and find inner peace. It serves as a steadfast guardian, offering protection against psychic attacks and dispelling fears. Furthermore, its dense composition fosters a strong connection to the root chakra, facilitating a sense of security and vitality.

Basalt stone is also believed to enhance one's connection to the spiritual realm, aiding in meditation practices and facilitating profound insights into the mysteries of existence. Its enduring strength and timeless energy make it an invaluable tool for spiritual growth and transformation.

Choose a Size:

A - Approximately 6.5" Tall 2" Wide, Weight 1lb 7.2oz
B - Approximately 6.25" Tall 2" Wide, Weight 1lb 2.6oz

C - Approximately 5.5" Tall 2" Wide, Weight 1lb 0.6oz

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