Your Relationship With Crystals

I have been reflecting lately about crystals and their spiritual, healing, and mental
properties. We devote time and effort here at The Portal to create description cards for
each crystal for our customer’s benefit, knowing how much they enjoy becoming familiar
with their various magical properties. This way we can support our client’s and
customer’s healing needs, and growing knowledge, as well as our own. (I am the first to
admit that there is still so much I don't know and continue to learn!)
However, it has come to my attention and awareness that I am being asked to foster
individual curiosity and self-knowing into the equation. My guides have been whispering
to me to invite all of us to tune into oneself and your response to the individual crystal
itself, instead of relying solely on the description cards.

Just as humans are made up of a collection of filters; thought patterns, belief systems,
past lives, needs, wants, and trajectories, crystals are as complex as we are. This
means that one crystal may have grown or developed in an environment near a certain
type of mineral and the another of the same type of crystal may have grown up in
completely different environment near another type of mineral, and ended up with very
different qualities even though it's considered to be the same type of crystal.

Therefore, my guides are suggesting that we don't need to rely solely on another’s
opinion (or a counsel of energetically intuitive folks) who have labeled the qualities of
the crystals in the last 20 to 30 years based on their perspective, and instead we
practice trusting our own knowing too. (And that is indeed how some of the most
respected Crystal Bibles were created. Intuitives would tune in, and give their opinion.)
If you feel guided, I would to invite you to use the following steps, evoking curiosity and
playfulness around your own process:
1. Ground yourself, focus on your breath & sink into your body.
2. Ask your spirit team or your guides for support.
3. Go to the crystal(s) that you are drawn to.
4. Notice how your body feels
5. Ask the crystal(s) if you would make a good partnership. Feel or listen for the

This does not mean that you won't want to also consider what a panel of people have
concluded about the various qualities of the crystals. Rather, I invite you to add your
own knowing to that selection process. Use your own guidance first. Person A might

find great healing in a Citrine for self-worth. Person B might actually get self-worth
healing through a Sodalite stone because it's helping to clear a deficit in feeling heard,
resulting in a boost to self-esteem. The possibilities are truly infinite in what they might
provide for each individual person.

And to that end, when you come in to The Healing Portal, I intend to invite a more
reflective process if you're open to it. I can even provide you a quiet space to go & tune
in with your own personal crystal.
I suspect classes will be forthcoming in the near future for tuning into your own crystals
and meditating with them. I look forward to the growth that I am being guided to, and; sharing it
with you!

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