Skeletal Elestial Quartz Specimen

Skeletal elestial quartz is a rare and extremely powerful formation of quartz. The outside of the skeletal elestial quartz can have etchings, inclusions, extrusions, growth lines, rainbows, cavities, striations and it can look scaly on the outside. They may have multiple points growing closely together and when you look inside it almost appears to be its own world inside. Sometimes you'll even find triangles on the face making it a record keeper crystal or water bubbles inside making it an enhydro. Elestial quartz is considered a master healer because it is a member of the quartz family. Master healer crystals amplify intentions which means if you're doing some deep healing, you may want the crystal that will help you to shed light on the energy that has been repressed. If you're looking to tap into your natural soul gifts, this crystal is also one to work with to help you uncover your natural gifts and talents as it's said that it holds of the wisdom that you'll need within its skeletal chambers.

2" Wide

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