Raw Pink Smithsonite

Smithsonite's soothing energy is excellent for emotional healing and balancing. It can assist you in becoming kinder, with more compassion, comforting and supportive. We recommend carrying a piece of Smithsonite if you are hypersensitive or try to recover after traumatic experiences. Let the mineral's nourishing and regenerating energy infuse your aura throughout your day. Smithsonite is an excellent tool for spiritual practices, it will not only help you calm your mind but will also activate your psychic abilities. Third eye or Crown chakra. helps to induce the alpha state, helps to resonate with high-frequency subtle energies, it can assist you to access spiritual realms for guidance and inspiration, an excellent tool during meditation, tarot reading, psychic reading, I Ching, promotes telepathic communication, helps to understand and use your intuitive and psychic abilities, enhances intuition and intellect.

4" long

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