Purple Flash Labradorite Free Form

Purple Labradorite is a type of labradorite, a mineral with strong metaphysical properties. A purple coloration in the gemstone is typically attributed to copper ions in the crystal structure and the presence of iron. Labradorite is a stone of transformation, helping to relieve tension and stress. It is also used as an aid in spiritual growth by acting as a prism for the seven rays from the energy field, allowing them to align with one's own. Purple Labradorite has an energy of awakening and awareness. It will open up the crown chakra to receive spiritual guidance and also to allow you to have a more spiritual purpose in all that you do. Labradorite helps you be able to move into your own spiritual power, so that you are not dependent upon others or other outside sources for your personal power or strength. This is a great stone to use when doing past life work, allowing you to access the information and wisdom held in other lifetimes. Labradorite will help you see things as they truly are, in order for you to make empowered choices about what action you need to take next. It will move through your Chakras, clearing out any blockages that may be present, so that the energy can flow more freely throughout your body. As blockages clear out, you will feel lighter and more free.

5.25" Tall

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