Prehnite with Epidote Pendulum

Prehnite is the "healers, healer" and has been used for centuries by shamans in Southern Africa for its ability to connect the physical and non-physical worlds, and enliven divination abilities. It aids in connecting us to higher realms, including our higher selves, as well as spiritual, and extraterrestrial beings.

Prehnite helps us stop hoarding and focusing on material possessions. Prehnite clears toxins from the body and balances the meridians, helping us to recognize our own boundaries, and say no to unreasonable requests.

The addition of Epidote to the Prehnite further increases perception and interaction with spiritual beings. Prehnite with Epidote can be used to help create sacred space in our personal healing environment.

7.75" long, Prehnite stone 1.50"

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