Moldavite Ring

Sterling Silver Moldavite Ring Size 9

Moldavite is a rare green tektite found only in the Czech Republic. 

Moldavite is a stone of spiritual awakening, manifestation, and transformation. It invites great life changes, typically within a short time period. It also inspires synchronicities and unexpected solutions.

Moldavite calls you to open your heart to the power of the Divine Feminine and the Sacred Masculine. It can help you to hear with piercing clarity, the voices of your spirit guides, angels, and other high-vibration entities. 

Moldavite gives you the courage and strength to look at your darkest fears and most negative emotions without flinching. It shines a light into your heart, urging you to move forward, claim your true power, and live your greatest destiny.

Moldavite is a wonderful stone for anyone who is seeking inspiration and new mental energy. It encourages you to release old beliefs and ideas that no longer serve you and instead embrace new thoughts which satisfy your intellect as well as your spirit.

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