Half Polished Pyrite Palm Stone

Pyrite reflects the energy of Gold, bringing success, abundance, enthusiasm, happiness, and power. It is traditionally the color of kings, riches, and the sun. Pyrite is a powerful protection stone which shields and protects against all forms of negative vibrations. It can help to keep out pollutants at the physical level, due to an energy field it creates within the aura. Pyrite can inspire the universal energies to activate the nourishing energies of the body, assisting one in the attainment of the ultimate state of physical perfection. It also assists one in seeing behind facades, promoting understanding of that which lies beneath words and actions. It has been used in the treatment of both the structure and the composition and formation of the cells, preventing RNA/DNA damage and repair of the same. May be useful for colds, flus, and other viral infections, digestion, healing diseased bones, and blood disorders.

2" Long

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