Chrysocolla and Malachite

Also known as the Teaching Stone, the soft feminine energy of Chrysocolla stirs your curiosity and invites you out to seek higher knowledge. Despite its long illustrious history with emperors and kings, it is believed to be the stone of wise women around the world. It invites women to channel that energy into expression and creativity, to share their knowledge and their truth with the world, and to sit in the serenity of their own soul. It is also said to be the stone of hermits, lending its calming nature to help people stay sweet in feelings of seclusion. Ever radiant and ready to bring beautiful inner balance to your soul, Chrysocolla works wonders when it comes to connecting with your throat chakra and the heart chakra. The throat chakra is the place from which our own sense of truth emanates. It’s how we converse and share our authentic selves with the world. When the throat chakra is blocked it means that we aren’t living in our own light and we aren’t always serving ourselves best. An open and clear throat chakra allows us to share our thoughts and feelings, it helps our personal power to bloom, and it sets us up to live in free expression rather than clamping down on our own pleasure. The heart chakra is another space that’s so important to be open and clear. This chakra is the place from which we invite in the things that add to our hearts and resist the things that don’t. When our throat chakra is blocked or thrown out of whack, we may be quick to jealousy and fear, we may resist love and always long to be in control. When it’s open and ready to receive it means that we are better equipped to go with the flow and embrace change without being thrown off course.

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