Grape Agate (Multiple Available)

Grape agate, also known as purple chalcedony, is a stone that carries a multitude of metaphysical properties.
It is believed to enhance intuition and psychic abilities, making it a useful tool for those seeking spiritual guidance or connection. Grape agate is also said to promote inner peace and emotional healing, helping individuals to release negative emotions and find balance in their lives. Additionally, it is thought to stimulate creativity and inspiration, making it a valuable companion for artists, writers, and anyone looking to tap into their creative potential.
This stone is also associated with the crown chakra, facilitating a deeper connection to higher realms of consciousness and spiritual awareness. Overall, grape agate is prized for its ability to promote spiritual growth, emotional well-being, and creative expression.
A: Sphere - Approximately 3" round, Weight: 13.0oz
B: Egg - Approximately 3.5" tall 2" wide, Weight: 10.0oz

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