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White Sage & Yellow Sinuata Smudge Sticks

White sage has been used for centuries in many different cultures. It is widely popular in the Indian and Native American cultures to promote healing and increase overall wellness. White sage is excellent for dispelling negative energy, purifying, and elevating the vibrations of space.

The energy of the Sinuata flower is linked to memory, sympathy, and success. The yellow color brings happiness, joy, positive energy, optimism, friendship, sympathy, and respect.

How To Use:
Light the top of the sage bundle, holding onto the stem side. Allow a small flame to catch for about 20 seconds. Blow out the flame and allow it to begin smoking. As it smokes, use intention to cleanse the space of negativity or unwanted energy.

*Each Smudge stick is unique in both size and color. Each stick has been grown, harvested, and made in the USA and is approximately 4" in length, and weighs 1.1oz.  

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