Clear Quartz and Amethyst Pendulum

Clear Quartz is a master healer and an amazing amplifying stone; meaning that whatever you pour into it, will pour out tenfold. Clear Quartz helps you grow spiritually as it loves enticing you to look deep within. 

Clear Quartz especially likes to stimulate the Crown Chakra. This is the chakra for those that are ready to connect with higher planes and leap into the infinite possibilities offered by the universe. It’s a crystal that connects with all the chakras, clearing out blockages, spring-cleaning your aura, and inviting energy to flow.

Amethyst is one of the most effective crystals for healing on all levels. It reverberates with high-frequency energies. Amethyst calms and soothes the mind, body, and spirit. It assists in the transmission of neural signals through the brain to aid in sleep, repel anxiety, and calm angry temperaments. 

Amethyst is an amazing stone for grief and depression because it can show you how to let go and trust in the Divine. This is a stone of transformation that promotes inner peace and strength during times of grief. 

Amethyst opens the Third Eye to enhance intuition and balance spiritual knowledge with intellectual reasoning. Furthermore, Amethyst is dedicated to curbing overindulgence and bad habits making it an excellent aid to releasing any type of addiction.

7.75" long, Clear Quartz and Amethyst stone 1.50", Weight: 0.4oz

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