Green Amethyst (Prasiolite) Teardrop Pendant

Prasiolite is a rare green Quartz that is known also by the name of "Green Amethyst".

Prasiolite is a beautiful stone that inspires love and compassion. It helps you to ground into the physical Earth while also connecting you with the magnificence of divine love. This stone also increases intuition whenever you are in alignment with love and all that is good. 

Prasiolite is a stone of transformation, inviting you to become more of what you truly are. It is a stone of compassion, particularly for one's self. It helps you to accept yourself and see your own inherent beauty and dignity. It is particularly good for anyone who struggles with self-esteem issues or is struggling to free one's self from an emotionally abusive relationship.

Prasiolite is a stone that unites logic and love, with it you can explore complex questions about love. It teaches you that love is not just an emotion or a spiritual ideal, instead, it is a conscious decision.

Sterling Silver

Pendant: Approximately 1" Tall x .5" Wide, Chain: 18", Weight: 0.3

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