Imperial Topaz Pendant

Imperial Topaz is a rare and delightful stone! Most yellow-orange Topaz comes from mines in Brazil.

Imperial Topaz is one of the most powerful stones for manifestation. It shows you how to receive from the universe with sweet appreciation, while also taking action to make your dreams come true. It attracts wealth and success and is highly recommended for entrepreneurs or creative souls with big dreams. It helps you to be logical, recognize, and overcome limitations, and creatively problem-solve.

Imperial Topaz has a wonderful energy both warm and expansive, yet mellow and peaceful. This stone helps you to recharge and rebalance when you feel overworked or overwhelmed. Imperial Topaz cleanses the aura and clears all meridians so that you feel refreshed and revitalized.

Imperial Topaz has a peaceful and light-hearted vibration that attracts good friends and good lovers.  It helps you to notice any negative patterns or attractions, and then make real changes to end that cycle and create a happier future for yourself. Furthermore, it also encourages healthy boundaries and helps you to be attracted to the people who are good for you. 

Sterling Silver

Pendant: Approximately .5" Tall x .25" Wide, Chain: 18", Weight: 0.2oz

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