XL Oval Pietersite Pendant

Pietersite is a rare multicolored crystal closely related to the Tigers Eye. 

Pietersite is the stone of new beginnings. Its energy helps you to feel steady during times of chaos, conflict, and change. It also connects you to the greatest vibrations in the universe allowing you to harness that potent energy and use it like a true champion.

Piertersite helps you to process negative experiences properly so that they do not become traumas trapped in your subconscious. It shines a light on suppressed feelings and helps you to break up inner conflicts. Furthermore, it releases you from false beliefs, wrong conclusions, and promises that don't serve your higher good.

Pietersite reminds you that we are spiritual beings on an earthly journey and so is everyone we encounter. It celebrates the brotherhood of all humanity and reminds you that heaven can be here on earth and that all things are possible where there is love and respect.

Sterling Silver


Pendant: Approximately 2" Tall x 1.25" Wide, Chain: 18", Weight: 0.6oz

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