Green Moss Agate Sterling Silver Pendant

A stone of strength, Moss Agate improves self-esteem and helps with self-expression and building confidence.

It has been known for attracting abundance in the form of riches when left in cash drawers, cash boxes, wallets, near checkbooks, or when used in money crystal rituals.

Moss Agate is useful for accelerating the growth of new projects and goals.

It provides communication between the plant and mineral kingdoms, for information relative to methods of enhancing the stability of the planet. It has even been used in agricultural pursuits in the growth of new crops.

Moss Agate has been used to help treat dehydration, stimulate digestion, and relieve symptoms of colds, internal infections, and flu.

Moss Agate originates from India.

Pendant: Approximately 0.75" Tall, Chain: 18"

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