Ready, Set, Learn Stone Set

The Ready, Set, Learn, Reiki-infused stone set is created for people of all ages and backgrounds, If you need a little push to get going on your learning journey or struggle with any kind of learning deficit OR anyone in between, this set was made for YOU! Bring it with you to school, classes, or anywhere you intend to be educated and simply hold the stones or have them by your side.

Tumbles Included:

Clear Quartz - Amplifies your intentions & promotes a clear mind
Citrine - Boosts confidence and success mindset
Tigers eye - Encourages self-discipline so you can stay on task
Hematite - Centers your energy and helps with distractions
Lapis Lazuli - Reduces insecurity, and anxiety, enhances focus, and concentration

How to use:

  • Toss them into your purse, pocket, car, or place around your room to feel their frequency wherever you may go.
  • Create a crystal grid by laying them out in different ways and patterns.
  • Meditate with them and set your intentions for each crystal. What is their purpose for you? What would you like to see coming from these crystals?
  • Add to your altar to give a beautiful boost of earth energy!

Weight: 1.7oz

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