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Ruby Kyanite Pendant

Ruby Kyanite is an amazing stone for aligning and energizing your entire field. It strengthens your most positive traits while simultaneously dissolving negative energies.

This stone encourages you to be brave and curious about the world while acting responsibly. It offers protection and strength during shamanic journeying and astral travel, helping you to maintain a connection to your physical body while allowing your soul to reach far and wide. It also enhances lucid dreaming and dream recall, while amplifying manifestation.

Ruby Kyanite is a stone of courage, clarity, and joyful passion. It helps you to understand and connect with your own emotional needs and reactions. Ruby Kyanite helps you to find your voice, follow your bliss, and be true to yourself.

Sterling Silver

Pendant: Approximately 1.50" Tall x  .80" Wide, Chain: 18", Weight: 0.5oz

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