Hematite Pendulum

Hematite is a phenomenal grounding stone that can help you to survive and thrive no matter the circumstances you find yourself in. It is particularly useful during difficult seasons in your lives. It helps you to stay connected to your own body and the Earth while engaging in high spiritual work. 

Hematite encourages you to be honest and able to look directly at the source of your discomfort so that you can make amends, heal, and move forward. It also gives you the strength to cut ties with whatever is no longer serving you. 

Hematite has a strong, soothing energy, that is very encouraging when you feel anxious or depressed. It helps you to see the silver lining around grey clouds and to find the strength to try again. It has a very practical approach to negative or overwhelming emotions. 

Hematite increases your self confidence and briskly removes any self-limitations you have placed on yourself and shows you that you are more powerful than you think you are. 

7.25" long, Hematite stone 1.25"


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