Mercury Retrograde Crystal Set

Tumbles Included:
Amethyst - A great stone for bringing clarity to deeper thoughts and feelings to make communication easier
Citrine - Brings a positive outlook and helps connect with inner strength
Clear Quartz - Brings clarity and focus through bright white vibrations that clear obstacles in your path
Blue Kyanite - Facilitates communication and clears up misunderstandings
Shungite - Purifies EMFs and protects from other harmful wavelengths from technology

How to use:

  • Toss them into your purse, pocket, car, or place around your room to feel their frequency wherever you may go.
  • Create a crystal grid by laying them out in different ways and patterns.
  • Meditate with them and set your intentions for each crystal. What is their purpose for you? What would you like to see coming from these crystals?
  • Add to your altar to give a beautiful boost of earth energy!

Weight: 2.4oz

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