Citrine Trillion Ring

Sterling Silver Citrine Ring Size 6.5

Known as the "merchant stone" Citrine is a potent tool for manifestation, helping you to be aware of your desires and ask the Divine to guide your actions and lead you to success. It attracts wealth and prosperity in your everyday life. 

Citrine helps to lead you to strength when the road gets dark. Its energy is joyful and happy, making it one of the most useful stones to use to treat depression and anxiety. It also helps you to put yourself first, teaching you how to say "no" and enforce boundaries. The purifying energy of Citrine helps you to keep your thoughts clear and clean to help you make good decisions in your life.

Citrine has one of the most powerful energies of all crystals. It purifies the energy of everything around it and is one of the few "self-cleansing crystals" capable of maintaining its own brilliant energy field.

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