Chrysoprase Palm Stone

Chrysoprase is well-known for encouraging development, compassion, and tolerance. Chrysoprase is simple to include into your daily and is good to anybody going through some period of transition or development. It is an excellent gemstone for enhancing emotional well-being. It encourages tolerance, compassion, self-development, personality, and overall happiness. Chrysoprase's color is associated with springtime, development, and the environment. Although this crystal has an apparent and organic relationship, it must not be overlooked. It is an excellent gemstone to use if you want to engage with environmental enchantment or interact more with the physical world. This crystal can assist environmental scientists and anyone concerned about climate change directs their energies on environmental projects while inspiring others to follow them. Chrysoprase connects to the Heart Chakra's principles of kindness and nurture. Our feelings for pets, animals and even plants are equally as powerful as our feelings for the people. Chrysoprase encourages humility and generosity, allowing you to better connect with nature's pleasures.

2" Long

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