Celestite Freeform (Multiple Available)

Celestite is an amazing stone for spiritual transformation. It can ease the transition into higher states of consciousness. This stone symbolizes mental clarity and higher purposes. It is all about inner peace and elevating the spirit.

This crystal offers both physical healing by helping the body flush out toxins and emotional healing by promoting inner balance, peace, and clarity in relationships. Celestite clears negative energies connecting to angelic realms to transmute into love and light. 

Celestite is a wonderful tool to help with chakra cleansing and grounding. The divine energy starts with the Throat Chakra, freeing up any blockages so that you have room to thrive with your communication skills. It then travels to your Third Eye Chakra and moves up to the Crown Chakra expanding your vision.

Choose your stone:

A - Approximately 5" Tall 3" Wide, Weight 2lb 14.0oz
B - Approximately 5.5" Tall 3.25" Wide, Weight 3lb 10oz

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