Black Moonstone Freeform (Multiple Available)

Black moonstone is a stone that is deeply attuned to the lunar energies. Its dark, velvety hue serves as a portal to the subconscious, inviting introspection and inner exploration.

This stone is believed to possess a potent feminine energy, nurturing and empowering the intuitive faculties of those who seek its guidance. Black moonstone is often associated with the goddess energies, fostering a deep connection with the divine feminine and encouraging the embrace of one's inner wisdom and intuition.

Black moonstone's mysterious allure is said to unveil hidden truths and illuminate the path toward spiritual growth and transformation. Just as the moon waxes and wanes, black moonstone teaches the ebb and flow of life's cycles, reminding us of the beauty found in both light and shadow.

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A - Approximately 3.25" Tall 2.75" Wide, Weight 1.2lbs
B - Approximately 3.75" Tall 3.5" Wide, Weight 1.2lbs

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