Aquamarine, Tanzanite & Blue Topaz Pendant

Aquamarine is known to symbolize youth and happiness. It helps to calm your mind, nerves, and anxieties; creating mental clarity and soothing the overactive mind. It connects you to your higher levels of consciousness as well as your higher self, making it a great stone to work with during meditation.

Aquamarine encourages spiritual growth and gives you greater awareness of the world around you. This stone invites us to value deep, clear thinking in our lives and put our thoughts into action for the greater good of the earth. It pushes you to step into your power,  learn more, and stay curious.

Associated with the Throat Chakra, Aquamarine helps to improve communication. This stone boosts your confidence to say what you mean, mean what you say, and not say it mean. 

Tanzanite is commonly believed to facilitate a higher consciousness and stimulate intuition and perception. Some believe that it aids in detoxifying the body and improving vitality.

It is said to be a good stone to wear or have near in situations where you need a calming and soothing presence. However, because of the high vibration rate of the stone, some believe the stone can be a stimulant to the throat and head and preserve youthfulness.

Another popular belief is that--because it takes intense heat to bring forth this stone's full potential--it also has the ability to bring forth the wearers' full potential and help them get in touch with the alternate side of their personality.

Blue Topaz is a stone of peacefulness & serenity. Stabilizes and heals the emotional body. It is considered a mellow, empathic stone that soothes, heals, recharges, and re-centers its wearers.

Associated with compassion and communication, it's a preferred stone to wear for "building bridges" between people. Blue topaz, in particular, is believed to promote truth and forgiveness, relaxing the spirit as well as the body.

Those who use meditation advocate it as a splendid stone for attuning to their higher self. Topaz of any color is often used to strengthen emotional support, stabilizing emotions and making the wearer receptive to love from every source. It is believed to unburden the soul of arrogance and calmly verbalize in emotional situations.

Sterling Silver

Pendant: Approximately 1.25" Tall x .5" Wide, Chain: 18", Weight: 0.3oz

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