Pyrite Pendulum

Pyrite is a fantastic stone for attracting abundance, prosperity, and success on all levels. It provides you with the motivation and willpower you need in order to move forward in your career or investment decisions and in order to complete projects and tasks. It also removes any doubts or fears you may have that are blocking you from achieving success. 

Pyrite is a stone for self-realization and the quest for enlightenment in this life. It asks you to take action for your spiritual ideals and to live with great integrity. It gives you the gifts of strength and willpower to overcome struggles.

Pyrite is a protective stone that's primary purpose is to help you gain a more joyful and fulfilling life. It increases your confidence and encourages you to be more extroverted and social. This stone has a soothing energy for the mind, promising you that you are safe and fully capable of handling anything that life throws at you.

7.25" long, Pyrite stone 1.50", Weight: 0.4oz


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