Sodalite Pendulum

Sodalite is a stone for Seekers of Truth, and anyone who finds themselves on a spiritual journey. It will help you to recognize and be patient with where you are on your spiritual path, and to trust that as you continue to progress, more and more will be revealed to us. It gives you the support you need to be your truest self and accept both your light and shadow sides.

Sodalite helps to dissolve feelings of guilt or shame, whether they come from another person or from yourself. It encourages honesty allowing you to see the real reason behind your feelings and helps to determine what you need to do to move forward. Sodalite's calm and peaceful vibration reduces stress and worries and helps you to be more detached and lighthearted, rather than taking everything personally and too seriously. 

5.50" long, Sodalite stone 1.25"


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