Scolecite Pendulum

Scolecite is the stone of "inner peace," and is the perfect remedy for anyone looking to relax after a long day as it has an exceptionally peaceful, high vibrational energy. It is an auric cleanser and will,l in a sense, do a "spring cleaning" on you when working with it daily.

Carrying Scolecite with you daily will remind you to focus on yourself and open your heart's energies to those around you, helping you to step into your highest self and act for the highest good.

Scolecite is a stone that prides itself on helping you be able to understand imagery within dreams and the correlation that it may play on in your life. Scolecite's connection to the third eye allows for intense lucid dreaming. It brings in extreme vividness and enhances memory. Furthermore, Scolecite deepens meditation and strengthens our prayers, and helps us to hear the wise counsel of our spirit guides and angels.

7.25" long, Scolecite stone 1.25", Weight: 0.2oz


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