Chihuahua Trancas Geode (Multiple Available)

Chihuahua Trancas geodes are found in Mexico and contain a variety of quartz, calcite, and chalcedony. As with all forms of Geode, the special significance found in Trancas Geodes is the ability to overcome barriers, blockages, and obstacles. They are associated with dismantling negative knots of energy in the self, untangling them to leave us calm and centered. Trancas Geodes are especially beneficial, as the combination of stone growths found within them work together to provide assistance with any troubles we may face. Found in Chihuahua, Mexico, these unique beauties may feature Chalcedony, Agate, Quartz, Calcite, or Helictite growths of Aragonite. This makes for a potent combination of stones which are known to impart peace, patience, confidence, power, motivation, mental clarity, wisdom, courage, and balance. It is easy to think of these natural pockets of Mother Earth's blessings as little cauldrons of hidden gifts.

A - Approximately 2.75" Diameter, Weight 6.5oz
B - Approximately 3" Diameter, Weight 6.6oz
C - Approximately 3.2" Diameter, Weight 5.2oz
- Approximately 2.5" Diameter, Weight 5.3oz
E - Approximately 2.75" Diameter, Weight 4oz
F - Approximately 2.5" Diameter, Weight 4.4oz
G - Approximately 2.75" Diameter, Weight 5.1oz
H - Approximately 2.5" Diameter, Weight 4.8oz
I - Approximately 2.5" Diameter, Weight 4.9oz
J - Approximately 2.2" Diameter, Weight 3.7oz

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