Rainbow Obsidian Hearts (Multiple Available)

Rainbow Obsidian acts as a bridge between the dark and light places inside of yourself, making it a powerful crystal to have whenever you are ready to do important personal work. It helps you to find the lost part of yourself so you can heal and reclaim them. 

Rainbow Obsidian shows you how to navigate affairs of the heart with ease and optimism. It lifts away depression by helping you focus your attention on the present moment and future opportunities, rather than dwelling on the past. 

Rainbow Obsidian helps you to think logically and clearly about your problems, especially complex emotional issues. It helps you to recognize what is actually true, rather than stubbornly focusing on what you wish was true. 

Choose a Size:

A - Double Heart • Approximately 1.5" Tall 4" Wide, Weight 8.0oz
B - Double Heart • Approximately 1" Tall 4.25" Wide, Weight 5.6oz

C - Single Heart • Approximately 1.25" Tall 2.5" Wide, Weight 4.1oz

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