Chlorite Included Raw Quartz

Included quartz acts as a magnifying glass for energies, both within and without. The inclusions serve as focal points, concentrating and directing energy flows, making them potent tools for meditation, manifestation, and healing practices. Included quartz harmonizes the vibrations of its surroundings, amplifying intentions and enhancing spiritual attunement.

This crystal embodies the principle of clarity amidst complexity as it helps to reveal hidden truths and insights buried within the psyche. Through deep introspection facilitated by meditation with included quartz, one may navigate the depths of the subconscious, uncovering buried emotions, memories, and patterns that inhibit personal growth. By embracing and integrating these aspects of the self, inner clarity, and spiritual transformation are facilitated.

Approximately 4.75" Wide 6" Tall, Weight 1.6lbs

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