Gold Sheen Obsidian Mushroom (Multiple Available)

Gold Sheen Obsidian has a bright energy that helps us to keep our egos in check so that they don't dominate our consciousness or control our actions. It can help us to 'wake up' and understand what is really happening in the world around us. It allows us to face reality without denial or fear, inviting us to rise up and make a positive difference.

Gold Sheen Obsidian Connects you with the earth and the wisdom in the heavens, making it a great tool for shamanic practitioners and earth medicine healers. It increases psychic sensitivity. Furthermore, It attracts wealth and prosperity on all levels.

This stone is a protective and grounding stone. It also gently reveals what is truly working in our lives and what is holding us back. It encourages us to let go of people, habits, and beliefs that no longer serve us. 

A: Mushroom - Approximately 3" tall 1.5" wide, Weight: 5.4oz
B: Mushroom - Approximately 2.75" tall 1.5" wide, Weight: 4.7oz

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