Sodalite+A20 with Tanzanite

The ultimate calming stone. Sodalite give us the gift of knowing who we are and is the foundation of all wisdom. Know yourself and be empowered. Accept yourself and be invincible. Unites logic with intuition and opens spiritual perception. Sodalite is the crystal of wise women and with rituals and empowerments for post-menopausal women to enter a new phase of life. Associated with the balance between the mind and the emotions, it will assist anyone impulsive to gain an old head on young shoulders. Put under pillow to encourage restful sleep. Carry around if you have aspirations to be a writer. Activates the Third Eye and Throat Chakras.    Tanzanite is commonly believed to facilitate a higher consciousness and stimulate intuition and perception. Some believe that it aids in detoxifying the body and improving vitality. It is said to be a good stone to wear or have near in situations where you need a calming and soothing presence. Although, because of the high vibration rate of the stone, some believe the stone can be a stimulant to the throat and head and preserve youthfulness. Another popular belief is that--because it takes intense heat to bring forth this stone's full potential--it also has the ability to bring forth the wearers' full potential and help them get in touch with the alternate side of their personality.

2 w x 2.5 h cm

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