Shungite is the crystal of grounding, detoxification, and neutralization. To many crystal enthusiasts, the meaning of shungite ranges from physical protection to spiritual protection from draining or harmful energetic forces. Whether you feel weighed down by heavy emotional baggage or simply want to shield yourself from a physically toxic environment, shungite can support the intention of purification and cleansing. There are several reasons why so many people believe that crystals such as shungite possess healing properties that are tangible on both an emotional and physical level. Electromagnetic field emissions (EMFs) are a form of radiation that can be harmful to cells and DNA. There have been studies conducted on the effectiveness of shungite crystals protecting animals from EMFs that produced positive results. However, more studies are needed on the effectiveness of shungite protecting humans. Throughout the ages, humans have used precious stones like shungite to purify water by absorbing and removing contaminants. 

9 w x 1.7 h cm

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