Usui/Holy Fire, Master Teacher Training - TBD

Master Teacher training is for the seeker. You don’t have to want to train people to take this class, but you do have to want to experience rapid spiritual growth. That being said, you will be able to attune and teach people. You will be able to spread the love that is Reiki!

This is a 3-day intensive training where you will receive the Holy Fire Symbol through a series of ignitions, each building upon the one before, preparing and clarifying your field to receive this magnificent Holy Fire Reiki energy.

This class will teach you how to give Usui/Holy Fire attunements, perform Healing Attunements, give Holy Fire/Healing Fire Ignitions, and conduct Holy Love workshops. This is a three-day intensive training that will launch you into your next evolution as a Reiki Master/Teacher!

Note: You don’t have to want to be a teacher to take this class. You just have to want to show up and thrive!

Prerequisite:Master Practitioner

Duration: 3 Days

$700 for students that had taken Master Practitioner with me.

All payments must be received a day before class!

All classes include ongoing student support and access to Practitioner gatherings.